Map of Metal and Requiem Podcast

I’m embarrassed to say that a couple of non-metalhead friends of mine discovered an amazing piece of metal artwork before I did. Thankfully, they forwarded me the link, so I can share it with all of you. Behold, the Map of Metal.

Map of Metal

I can’t say enough about this map. First, it kicks my map’s ass, but it’s not a competition, right? We’re all interested in the same thing – the study and celebration of our favorite musical subgenre. This must have taken untold hours of research and parsing of information. Deciding on which subgenres to keep and which to discard, deciding on how to organize them and what bands should represent each subgenre. Not to mention all the crossover connections to account for. I love that it’s interactive as well. You can peruse the landscape, then click on a subgenre (or sub-subgenre) to learn more and listen to representative bands.

My next recent discovery was thanks to the Deciblog, which is Decibel Magazine’s blog. I subscribe to Decibel, and I think it’s the best heavy metal/extreme music resource out there. The writers truly care about metal, and are very forward thinking in their writing and interviews. But I digress…

The Deciblog pointed me to a heavy metal podcast called Requiem, the brainchild of Mark Rudolf and Jason Hundey. These lifelong metalheads delve into their favorite bands, playing tracks and dispensing knowledge in each episode. They mix fact and rumor, firsthand knowledge and researched information. It’s like hanging out with a couple of friends talking about bands you love. So far I’ve been able to listen to the Mercyful Fate and Death (part 1) episodes, and I was well pleased. Be sure to check this out.


~ by mikehill25 on February 23, 2011.

One Response to “Map of Metal and Requiem Podcast”

  1. I JUST FOUND THIS BLOG AND IT IS SO FREAKING AWESOME. I am posting a link for you guys on my blog. The mapping project is rad as hell

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