New research resources, odds and ends

I was contacted recently by a couple of people who have similar interests in promoting metal. First, check out It’s described as “…an archive of metal-related articles, papers, editorials, news articles, etc., on such subjects as genre, history, culture, ideology, psychology, spirituality, occultism, etc.” It’s a good catch-all for people who need quick access to quality online resources for researching metal.

Next, a fellow metal blogger emailed me a link to his blog. Take a look:

Finally, a couple of news bits I found interesting:

I saw Moby when I was in college, probably around 1994. He was performing some pretty intense techno live. I remember him being incredibly petulant on stage, screaming at the sound guy and kicking equipment. Here’s a Q&A I found on, with some funny metal-related insights.

A Swedish man gets disability benefits for an addiction to heavy metal. Only in Sweden.


~ by mikehill25 on March 31, 2010.

One Response to “New research resources, odds and ends”

  1. hye there mike.. can i promote my blog here too? Nothing much really, just a simple blog promoting metal from my old hometown of Malaysia. its called the bullet belt. Care for a visit?


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