Relatively New Music

I seem to acquire new music in bunches, and below is the best of the last batch I’ve been listening to:

Arkona - Goi Rode, Goi!

Goi Rode, Goi!

I can only do folk metal in small doses, and those doses have to be really good for me to keep listening. Arkona makes me want to overdose on their new album Goi Rode, Goi! All the vocals are in Russian, and they use a combination of a black-metallish low scream (male) and traditional sounding vocal (female). Folk instruments abound, from flutes to accordions to lots of interesting percussion.

The song arrangements are diverse and interesting, you never know which direction they’re going to take. But, as all good folk metal should, it always gets heavy enough to keep the metal alive in each song. I think this is an excellent album for folk metal veterans and newbies (like me) alike.

Arsis - Starve for the Devil

Starve for the Devil

Yeah, I was late to the Arsis party. I’m not sure why, maybe I heard an atypical song a while back and wrote them off too soon. It happens sometimes when you sift through a lot of music. All is well now, as I have seen the light (or dark).

Arsisfalls into the category of “Solid, badass metal”. Like the new Goatwhore record, Arsis doesn’t veer too far into any particular sound. They’re tight as hell, and throw tons of interesting riffs and drumming around in each song. I imagine these guys are incredible live.

Dagon - Terraphobic


For those unaware, Dagon is a ancient god that has been referenced in various cultures. He also appears as a mysterious and powerful sea creature in a few of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories. I’m guessing it’s Lovecraft’s Dagon that this band uses as their muse.

Dagon incorporates the sea and all it’s peril and glory into each of their songs. This self-described “Ocean Metal” makes for a fun listen, and suits the band’s style of catchy, rhythmic old-school-meets-new-school metal (think 3 Inches of Blood without the soaring vocals). Dagon is a great listen of those who like their metal energetic with a healthy dose of cheese.

The Devil's Blood - The Time of No Time Evermore

The Devil’s Blood
The Time of No Time Evermore

The Devil’s Blood has a distinct 70’s era psychadelic/cult/hard rock sound, with a haunting female vocal at the forefront. Their previous EP Come, Reap was one of my favorite releases of 2008. Their full-length followup, The Time of No Time Evermore, is similarly enchanting and spooky, perhaps with a little less intensity. Overall the album is not as dynamic as the previous EP, but definitely worth checking out.


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