Brütal Legend

There’s quite a buzz building around the new video game Brütal Legend by EA Games. I remember reading something in passing about this game awhile back, and I forgot about it until today, when doing some random Google searches on heavy metal. For those unaware, Brütal Legend is a video game built around the story of a roadie who gets transported back into “a mythical Age of Rock to fight evil, liberate an army of headbangers from a life of oppression, find love, and discover his life’s purpose.” The weapons, villains, vehicles, and of course the music are inspired by hard rock and heavy metal music and artwork. Oh, and Jack Black lends he voice to the main character, “Eddie Riggs”. It looks like a lot of fun. The game won’t be released until October, but EA recently released some screen shots from the game. You can also view a couple of trailers for the game on their website.

On a related note, GameSpy, a gaming magazine, does a fair job of identifying some specific heavy metal references used in Brütal Legend.


~ by mikehill25 on June 1, 2009.

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