Upcoming shows and other news

I’ve had an exciting and stressful couple of months. I got married a couple of weeks ago to the beautiful and charming Sarah Dahl (now Sarah Hill), and the weeks leading up to the wedding were increasingly nerve wracking. Not because I was getting cold feet, but because Sarah and I had pretty much planned every last detail ourselves (down to renting the microphones and putting together welcome kits for guests), and that’s all fine and good when you’re planning, but when it comes down to executing, it all comes together very quickly. It all went off without a hitch for the most part, though. So I guess we planned well enough.

In addition to planning and executing a wedding (no, there was no metal played at the reception), I’ve also been trying to finish one last drawing for the Charlotte Street Awards show in late November. Actually, I’m re-creating the subgenre popularity index drawing seen below. That drawing (shown in an unfinished state in the 8/22 post), was actually a ‘test run’. I’m now re-creating the drawing on better paper and more subtle colors. I’d like to emphasize the graphite a little more in the new version.

I also got booted from my studio residency at the Urban Culture Project downtown (my year was up). So I found a new studio in the West Bottoms here in Kansas City. It’s a post-industrial part of town with lots of abandoned and converted warehouses. I feel very at home down there, as all artists end up flocking to large, cheap spaces. I’m sharing my studio with fellow KC artist Brian Collier, who creates really interesting research-driven work that is largely nature based. You can check out his work at this website, which links to his many project-based web sites: http://www.societyrne.net/html/programs.htm

Now, onto some metal. I have tickets to go see Danzig in October here in KC. I’m pretty excited about this show. I’ve never seen Danzig live, and although I know it will pale in comparison to seeing Danzig in his prime, still…it’s freakin’ Danzig. He’s a living legend. As a bonus, Skeletonwitch will be performing as well. It’s actually a pretty big lineup of bands, but Danzig and Skeletonwitch are the only two I care about.

Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that GWAR will be playing in KC at the end of November. I’ve never seen GWAR either, and we all know how legendary their shows are. I might even be able to convince Sarah to join me. I’ll warn her to wear clothes she doesn’t care about, of course.

Finally, a couple of metal-themed news items.

An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about the disturbing increase in volume and lack of fidelity in today’s digital music. Apparently, many albums are created in a “…narrow, high-volume range. In addition, music now is often optimized for play on the relatively low-fidelity earbuds for iPods, reducing incentives to offer a broad dynamic range.” The article focuses on the new Metallica album since fans have been complaining about the album’s awful sound quality since its release.

A throwaway blog/article from a british newspaper site talks about the recent lack of catchy metal songs and what makes a classic metal anthem. Well, don’t blame metalcore bands, they’ve been doing their best to make awful whiny sing-song anthems for years.


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