Timeline images

I’m doing some studies of the timeline piece for an upcoming show. I’m testing out my concepts to see how they look, and attempting to get a better idea of how to organize the bands. Each concentric half-circle is a year, starting with 1970. Each successive year emanates out from the center like a soundwave (I know, how clever). Honestly, this scheme makes the most sense in terms of keeping the size of the timeline down. Each band will have a line that extends the length of their career, starting with their debut album or EP (demos will not be noted). The colors of the lines represent each metal subgenre (power, death, thrash, etc.). I think that in future version of the timeline, I’ll spread out the genres a little more in order to accommodate the amount of bands that will follow. Also, the amount of bands that I’m working with for this study is a fraction of the actual amount.

Here is a detail of the timeline structure. Each album is plotted on a year (represented by the concentric half-circles), and the name of the album is noted.


~ by mikehill25 on January 7, 2008.

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