New bands, metal news and timeline progress

I recently got a subscription to Decibel magazine in an effort to stay current with this newfangled metal that’s coming out these days. It’s a decent magazine, and it’s proved to be helpful in finding out about new and old bands I should be listening to. I go through the reviews and articles and make a list of bands that sound interesting, then check them out online. Recently, I picked up a couple albums by a fantastic progressive death metal band called Gorod. Really interesting stuff. They don’t go too crazy with time changes and million different riffs, but their songs sound fresh and progressive while staying firmly entrenched in the death genre.

In a completely different corner of the metal universe, I also picked up Cage’s latest album “Hell Destroyer”. It’s a power metal concept album that sounds like it’s based on parts of the Bible. It’s not preachy in any way, though.  Stylistically, it reminds me a lot of Iced Earth. The singer has that classic power metal soaring vocals, and the rhythm guitars and double bass drumming keep the songs flying along. It’s a fun album, full of cheesy entertainment that only power metal can provide. Oh, and they also have a tribute song to King Diamond on the end of the album. It’s pretty rad.

In the studio, I’ve been working on a sort of timeline “sampler”, to show people how the structure and organization of the timeline will work. I’ll post a picture of it by the weekend. This timeline sampler will also be in the same show that the map will be in, sometime in Jan/Feb.

Finally, metal in the news. First, I found this website that makes metal-style quilts, appropriately named “Quiltsryche”. You can custom order one, or pick from three original designs. Kick ass.

Next, in the spirit of the holidays, an interview with the guitarist from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Al Pitrelli. He’s played with Megadeth and Alice Cooper, so his metal credentials are respectable.

Just like the movie “Rock Star” (with Mark Wahlberg), which was based on Tim Owens going from lead singer of a Judas Priest tribute band to lead singer of Judas Priest, Anthrax has plucked a new singer from their rabid fan base.


~ by mikehill25 on December 31, 2007.

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