Thorny Woods, Dethklok, and maps

metal map

Many moons have passed, and I have returned with a new post! It’s been a crazy few months – I got engaged, the holidays, and lots of new metal. I’m delving into more black metal lately, thanks to a fellow metalhead in my studio, Colin. He hooked me up with some Gorgoroth, and I’m into it. I also picked up some Krohm, Darkthrone, Immortal, and Emperor. Furthermore, I was sent an email by the drummer of Brazilian black metal outfit Thorny Woods asking me to check them out. Who knew there was black metal in Brazil? Well, now you know. The influence of Sepultura stretches far and wide. I don’t feel comfortable reviewing the music, as I’m just now starting to understand the appeal of black metal, but I will say that Domminus, the drummer, is actually my favorite part of Thorny Woods. Check them out for yourself.

Speaking of global metal locales, I’m approaching the finishing point with my metal map, which has been under constant construction for several months now. I haven’t been slacking, either, it just takes a hell of a long time to do it right. I’m in the process of filling in the “ocean” areas with graphite. After that, I’ll be accenting the borders of the continents with a darker graphite to get them to pop more against the colors. I’ve been asked to submit the map into a show that will be up in January – it’s a group show that has a mapping theme. More on that when it gets closer to showtime.

In addition to the black metal bands mentioned above, I picked up Skeletonwitch, The Faceless, and some Municipal Waste recently. All are outstanding and worth checking out if you haven’t already.

In metal news, Kevin DuBrow, the singer from Quiet Riot died. Nice job, dude. Loved Metal Health, that’s all I’ll say about that.

Christian organizations are making noise about heavy metal bands performing on Easter Sunday. Their logic, naturally, is that children will listen to metal and become satanists or kill themselves or something. “It’ll put a damper on the things the church traditionally focuses on at the Easter season.” Like…colored eggs and bunnies? What they should be pissed about is that Lordi will be performing at this festival, and they are possibly the shittiest band on earth.

Finally, an interview with Metalocalypse co-creator Brendon Small. Mr. Small is exactly who I hoped he’d be – an unpretentious metal lover that is excited to work with his boyhood metal heroes on this show. He also writes and plays all the music for the show (with the exception of the drums).


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