Map project, etc.

Here are some pics of my new studio space. I’ve got a nice big wall to work on. I found a bunch of old drawings I did when I was in high school (many metal-themed), so I hung them up for inspiration. I only listen to metal while working in my studio, of course. Got to stay in the right frame of mind.

That large map is the color-coded guide to metal bands by country I mentioned previously.

Surfing the interweb, I found this review of the Family Values Tour (Irvine, CA show). I’m posting this not so much for the content of the review, but for the absolute absurdity of the writing. I’m not sure if author Greg Burk is trying to be cute, or clever, or trying to sound smart…but it comes off as obnoxious trying-too-hard artspeak. Here’s a taste:

“The highly anticipated Droid, despite an occasional arpeggio or tangled low-end riff, underleveraged its fierce drive with insufficient dynamics. Third-billed festival fave Atreyu thwacked colorless white-collar melodi-metal lowlighted by one of the feeblest (yet most self-confident) guitar solos on record.”

If anyone is unlucky enough to find him or herself stuck talking to Mr. Burk at some L.A. hipster house party, please smack him upside the head for me.

Here’s an interesting article about custom guitar makers Halo. They do some pretty nice work.

Finally, I found a website that compiles metal videos. Pretty extensive. It gives you a random mix of videos, or you can search by any criteria to find a particular video. Check it out.


~ by mikehill25 on September 8, 2007.

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