Getting Thrashed

There’s a new metal-themed documentary film that’s been getting attention at film festivals called “Get Thrashed” (trailer), (official website) about thrash metal and it’s glory days in the 80’s. There’s a nice write up you can read here.

Meanwhile in Sweden, a man has convinced health authorities that he is addicted to heavy metal and is receiving special treatment. Nice.

From the UK, a superb article on the origins of heavy metal and its recent surge in popularity. A couple of quotes from the article:

“Heavy metal has long been sneered at by music snobs for being resolutely proletarian, often aggressive, and obsessed with macabre, occult imagery. Over its 40-year history, however, it has achieved a level of worldwide ubiquity rivalled only by that of hip-hop.”

“Metal’s strong suit, and one that people who sneer at it tend to miss, is that it continually parodies itself. The leather-and-studs look, for example, was introduced by Rob Halford, the openly gay singer of Judas Priest, who simply nipped down to his local S&M shop when looking for a stage outfit, thereby transporting emblems of gay culture right into an ultra-macho environment. Metal fans are not stupid – they know there is a camp and theatrical element to the music.”

And finally, a band I was sorry to miss at Ozzfest – Chthonic. I’m not sure why they were left off the bill at the KC show, but they were a band I was hoping to see live. They play really interesting symphonic death/black metal, using traditional Chinese instruments in addition to the standard guitars, drums, and bass. What makes this band unique is that not only are they from Taiwan, and their lyrics are based on Taiwanese folklore, but they’re actually backed by the Taiwanese government. I found an article on the band you can read here.


~ by mikehill25 on August 9, 2007.

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