On Ozzfest

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, so my apologies for not blogging. I went off to Colorado for a week and stayed in a cabin with no internet access. That was probably a good thing, though. As soon as we got back from Colorado, it was off to Ozzfest.

This was my first Ozzfest, and judging by the bands listed on t-shirts from past Ozzfests, I picked a good one. There were very few bands that I did not enjoy, and the festival was run with stunning efficiency. A schedule of bands and their performance times was posted, and I wrote down the times of the bands that I wanted to see. Not one of the bands was late. In fact, most of them went on a little early.

With the number of bands scheduled to play, I was under the impression that there would be two stages going simultaneously. That was not the case. The main stage was only used for the last four bands (Lordi, Static X, Lamb of God, and Ozzy), and all the others played on the second stage during the day while the main stage was being set up.

This meant that the second stage bands had to have pretty short sets, which was unfortunate. The nice thing about the second stage was that it was small, and the crowd was a lot more intimate. So you got two concert experiences in one day.

The surprise of the day was Behemoth, a polish death metal band. I had never seen Behemoth, and heard very little before the show. Not only was their set very tight and technically masterful, but their enthusiasm was infectious. They were the only band (besides Lordi– who suck ass) who came out in costume. They all had their faces painted, and were wearing shoulder pads, spiked boots and tons of leather. Keep in mind it’s the middle of summer. During the last song they all had fake blood oozing from their mouths. It was great.

3 Inches of Blood did not disappoint either. Cam Pipes sounded fantastic, and they were undaunted by the torrential downpour that started halfway through their first song. They played as long as they could before their equipment started to fail, and the road crew had to shut it down. It was kind of fun listening to them rock out through some of the most intense rain I’ve ever stood in. Props to the band and my fellow concertgoers for refusing to let the rain ruin the day.

Nile, Hatebreed, and Lamb of God also kicked ass. Sitting through Lordi and Static X was a little painful, but worth it when I got to see Lamb of God and Ozzy. Ozzy was great. His voice wasn’t 100%, which probably had something to do with his blood clot removal the previous day. He was so much fun though. He must have yelled “I love you all!” twenty times. I feel lucky to have seen him, because I’m sure he doesn’t have too many more Ozzfests in him.


~ by mikehill25 on August 7, 2007.

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