Sanctuary and Nekrogoblikon

I’d like to talk about a couple of bands I’ve recently discovered outside of my T.H.O.M. research. First is Nekrogoblikon, a California folk metal band. They were introduced to me by my friend Josh, who found them on an iTunes compilation. Nekrogoblikon has a very unique (yet specific) subject matter and sound. While firmly entrenched in the genre of metal, they use a variety of voices (growling, chanting, singing, narrating) and instrumentation to give their songs a cinematic feel. Actually, I should specify that it’s a campy B-movie cinematic feel. Lots of musical changes and goofy melodies throughout. What might this B-movie be about, you ask? Well, goblins. Goblins and only goblins. Goblins invade earth from space, goblins attack pirates, goblins ruin Christmas. The whole album. It’s great. The songs are musically sophisticated enough that you have to take this band seriously, and the humor and campiness is infectious. A very likeable combination.

The second band I’ve recently discovered is Sanctuary. I was listening to XM radio in my truck and the song “Die For My Sins” came on. I had never heard this song (or band) before, and I was instantly hooked. Sanctuary released two albums (plus a live album), in ’87 and ’90 before breaking up – a casualty of Grunge, apparently. The first album “Refuge Denied” is far superior to the second. Apparently Dave Mustaine was given a demo tape of theirs and agreed to produce their first album. Sanctuary’s style is a pretty traditional combination of power and thrash, but what sets them apart is their vocalist, Warrel Dane. He’s got a fantastic range, and shows it off. After Sanctuary split up, a few of the band members (including Dane) went on to form a band called Nevermore. Unfortunately, Dane doesn’t sing with the same intensity in Nevermore. So Sanctuary remains a small, hidden gem in the history of metal.


~ by mikehill25 on July 16, 2007.

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