Bits and pieces

Finished my bands by genre list, it’s up on the website now. Next step is to go through every band individually and document their country of origin, dates of albums, and listen to their stuff to determine if they’re currently categorized correctly. I’m hoping through this process I’ll unearth other bands I missed. Oh, I’m also going to be collecting logo artwork for each band. I’m not sure if this will end up being used in the end, but better safe than sorry. I’ll keep all this info on my computer as well as on the note cards I mentioned earlier.

Some notes on metal in the news:

  • 3 Inches of Blood has a new album coming out this month (June), an album I’m eagerly awaiting. You can find out more on their website. 3IOB is a recent (last year) discovery of mine, and I’m pretty excited about them. They’re a throwback band, combining a modern metal sound with nods to old school bands like Iron Maiden and Priest. With so many metal bands these days trying to be progressive and complex, 3IOB is a breath of fresh air.
  • ESPN’s Jim Caple is leading a campaign against baseball closers coming out to heavy metal songs. For those of you unfamiliar with baseball, a closer is a pitcher designated to pitch the last inning of a baseball game when the team has a lead of three runs or less. Basically, your most bad-ass pitcher comes in to seal the deal. Since adrenaline and intimidation are part of a closer’s aura, naturally a lot of these pitchers walk onto the field while a designated heavy metal song (usually chosen by the pitcher) blares from the stadium speakers. Caple is not a fan of metal, apparently, so he suggests pitchers choose some other type of music. Must have been a slow news day.
  • On there is a documentary series called “Heavy Metal Baghdad” watch about an Iraqi heavy metal band named Acrassicauda. They had to leave Iraq because of a crackdown on music and parties, and ended up in Syria. It’s a really interesting story.

~ by mikehill25 on June 6, 2007.

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