Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been distracted. I went up to Omaha a couple of weekends ago, for my dad’s birthday and mother’s day. I went to a minor league baseball game (Omaha Royals) with my brother Matt and some of his friends (part of a bachelor’s party). Matt and I did our best to harrass both the home team and visitors, since we were in the front row. We kept it clean, of course. This was a family atmosphere, after all. Matt had the taunt of the day, directed at former KC Royal Joey Gathright. Apparently Mr. Gathright has a video on YouTube where he jumps over cars. Matt was able to work this into a taunt that was so clever he got Joey to whip his head around and smile at us. It was a “I can’t believe someone actually saw that AND actually knows who I am” kind of look. Later that evening, I went out with my brother Brian and sang “Mr. Roboto” at a bar that was having a karaoke night. It wasn’t one of my better performances, because I was still hoarse from shouting at minor league baseball players all afternoon. I had to represent nonetheless. What does this have to do with metal? Uh, I was wearing a King Diamond shirt on my drive up to the big “O”. 18 is actually 9!

What else? I’m moving, so I’ve been slowly carting stuff from my house to my girlfriend’s place. I’m also organizing a softball team, and we had our first practice last night. I’m also working on an application for a free studio space through the Urban Culture Project, since my current space (a basement downtown that likes to flood) isn’t very drawing-friendly.


~ by mikehill25 on May 23, 2007.

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