Grunt work and subgenres

Lately I’ve been doing some unexciting grunt work, cleaning up my list of bands that I complied from Wikipedia. Since I had to assemble my list by gathering band names by subgenre, I need to now sort them alphabetically to weed out duplicates. As I’ve been working on that, it occurred to me that I’ve been seeing three different subgenre classifications: bands are classified by their sound (Thrash Metal, Symphonic Metal, Grindcore), their lyrical content (Christian Metal, Black Metal) and sometimes both simultaneously (Power Metal, Death Metal). To complicate things even further, bands are constantly evolving. For example, the band Death could be described strictly as a Death Metal band at first. Over time, however, their sound became increasingly progressive, with unconventional song structures and lyrics. I think it would be interesting to show two “paths” for each band – perhaps color coded – that would accomodate the evolution of a band’s sound as well as subject matter.


~ by mikehill25 on April 22, 2007.

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