Says here that smart people like metal

I found this article during my daily perusal of all things metal around the world. A study in the UK is getting some attention because it claims that gifted teenagers prefer to listen to heavy metal. Out of 1,000 students, 1/3 listed metal as one of their top five music genres they enjoy listening to. You can read the article here.

The article reminded me of my mother, who was always worried that my intense interest in metal would drive me to do something horrible. To be fair, this was the time when Judas Priest was being put on trial for a teenager’s suicide, and religious groups around the country warning parents about the “dangers” of metal. We even had to watch a video in school about satanism in music and how it would turn children into murdering cult followers (I went to catholic school). After I went off to college, my mother told me that she wrote a paper for some class she was taking about how I listened to metal but I turned out okay (I wonder if she still has that laying around somewhere…). Anyway, until she told me that I had no idea how much she was actually worried about what I listened to. Her worry wasn’t completely without merit, I suppose. There were some pretty scary guys in my neighborhood that were into metal. It’s possible I could have fallen into that crowd through the music if I wasn’t so busy skateboarding.

Nah, I was too “gifted”.


~ by mikehill25 on April 17, 2007.

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